My name is Jonathan Brachthäuser and I am a junior professor (W1 TT) at the university of Tübingen. My research group is located at the intersection of software engineering and programming languages.

Previously, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher with Prof. Martin Odersky at LAMP, EPFL, Switzerland.

Before starting my Postdoc, I obtained my PhD in Computer Science in Prof. Klaus Ostermann’s lab at the University of Tübingen.

Over the summer of 2018, I had the pleasure to work at Microsoft Research, Redmond with Daan Leijen and contribute to Microsoft’s language Koka.

My research touches various different aspects of software modularity and is positioned between Software Engineering and Programming Languages. My goal is to support software developers with the correct tools to efficiently develop correct software – be it design patterns, type- and effect systems, new programming languages, or tools like IDEs.

Quite recently, I have been working on the Effekt language: A language that offers novel ways to structure non-sequential control flow. In the language design, me and my collaborators follow the design principle to emphasize simplicity over expressivity.

If you are interested in research collaboration, have technical questions or comments regarding my publications, or want to do your BSc or MSc thesis with me, I invite you to contact me.